The Italian company ARES has produced a unique filtering half-face mask that protects against biological agents. Currently is the only company on the market.

During the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the meaning of masks as Personal Protective Equipment was extensively discussed in public and political debates. Filtering half-face mask is essential both for individual protection (workers and population) and and to control the transmission of pathogens between individuals. Acknowledging the critical role of these devices, the Italian government committed, through a resolution approved by the Senate, to ensure the availability of advanced filtering half-face mask in high-risk environments, including hospital wards and infectious disease units.

After the Covid pandemic, an Italian company thoughtfully projected, designed, produced, and marketed a more advanced, higher-performance a filtering half-face mask that provides specific protection against infectious agents. Thus, the ARES BBM was born. A III Category Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and certified for biological agents. This product offers protection against a wide range of biological agents, aerosols, and airborne particulate matter, making it indispensable in environments with high biological risks. It is particularly suitable for situations where people are exposed or potentiallly exposed to infectious agents and handling substances and mixtures classified as hazardous, including carcinogenic or mutagenic agents of categories A and 1B.

This device is unique, being the only respirator (PPE) in III Category certified for protection against biological agents, surpassing the performance of a traditional FFP3 masks (dust-filtering face masks). The ARES BBM respirator holds both certification according to the standard EN149:2009+A1:2009 and certification for protection against biological agents, and it also complies with the technical standard EN14683 (medical masks, medical device). Each batch produced undergoes rigorous quality control testing and filtering efficacy verification through the nebulization of a virus (Bacteriophage MS2) and the simulation of human breathing.

In addition to its high performance, the ARES BBM mask is designed to offer comfort and safety. Its lower breathing resistance reduces user fatigue even during prolonged use, and its excellent fit to the face ensures effective protection even during intense movements. The elastics balance pressure to ensure maximum comfort without compromising safety.

The use of such advanced devices is crucial today and in preparing adequately for future health crises. Adopting the ARES BBM demonstrates a commitment to proactively addressing future health challenges, emphasizing the importance of advanced protective devices as part of an overall containment strategy. In the context of a possible new pandemic, the use of devices like the ARES BBM could be decisive in mitigating the spread of new infectious diseases, thereby safeguarding public health and the safety of frontline workers. Only by preemptively adopting new technologies, such as this one, can we better and more consciously face today’s and tomorrow’s health challenges, learning from the tragic experiences of the past as warnings for the future.

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